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So little we can say about what Jimmy is doing these days, but you may wish to take a trip down memory lane to when the lad was working his socks off touring up and down the country every couple of years.

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The 2001 tour. Click on a city below for a review by people who were there....

Newcastle - 9 April - reviewed by Sharon
Harrogate - 12 great pictures and a review by Steve Sowerby
Scarborough - by Shelley Taylor
Grimsby - by Helen Franklin
Stoke-on-Trent - by David Lownds
Guest Book - selected tour comments
Southend - by Lorri

In the words of Oz (Auf Wiedersehen Pet):
"A fan?  I've only met the man, like...."

Ipswich       Southend

Sharon at Ipswich
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The 1999 tour. Dates, places, reviews.

1995 tour review by Claire Blacklock.