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AWP1 part1 AWP1 part2 "They're the bastards that bombed me granny" AWP2 part1 AWP2 part2 "Do you fancy a pint of Guinness, Brendan?"
Series 1Series 2

Auf3 "The only thing stoppin' us is this ffffamous landmark" Auf4 Not exactly memorable..
Series 3Series 4

AufSpec Best finish it there boys...
Finally....Christmas Special

Croc1 part1 Croc1 part2 Croc1 part3 Available on DVD.


Jimmy has also appeared in:

  • Spender (this was great, and written by Jimmy Nail - why not available on video/DVD?)

  • Minder (as Nathan Loveridge, a gypsy wrongly accused of setting fire to a used car lot)

  • Just ask for Diamond (available for about £1 in all good Poundstretchers)

  • The Tenth Kingdom (Clayface the Goblin)

  • Danny, the Champion of the World (Rabbetts)

  • Blott on the Landscape (Edwards)

  • Shoot the Sun (smalltime crook who gets into the drug trade by accident)