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Did you know....

  • real name James Bradford
  • born 16 March 1954
  • in his youth got 6 months for GBH
  • sang for a rock band called King Crabs, famous for his (ahem) stage antics
  • sister is Val McLane, who played Norma Paterson in Auf Weidersehn, Pet
  • had a chance to be a professional football player (his dad was one also)
  • was a welder before he got into singing / acting
  • alledgedly propositioned by Madonna (but he had more taste)

Things people have told us....

  • "love don't live here anymore" was issued as a limited edition shaped picture disc
  • 3 different people claim to have a giant cardboard Jimmy Nail that they got from a music shop
  • we heard from the music director from the Nashville scenes in Crocodile Shoes
  • someone met Jimmy on the set of Spender in 1990
  • a French TV producer wants to do a feature on Jimmy for MCMTV

Please feel free to send us other bits of information if you have any.